Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Pizza Stairs Edition

It’s Wednesday, folks, and what a day it is! The middle of the week. Hump Day, for all you knuckleheads out there. And now, I bring you Workout Wednesday. Every week on this storied day, I’ll be bringing you the latest and greatest in the fitness and health department. Looking for a diet that’ll give you those coveted slightly-above-average-but-still-not-visible abs? Pump the brakes! Need a workout to turn that flat backside into a nothing-special-but-at-least-not-terrible tush? You got it! In today’s edition of Workout Wednesday, we journeyed to Santa Monica and combined two of the most beloved and time-tested health staples: pizza and stairs. So, saddle up and take some notes, my friends! You’re on the highway to mediocrity!

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