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It’s a Podcast Party

I’m throwing you guys a curveball today. In terribly unfamiliar fashion, I decided to collaborate with another obscure artist, Tom Knight. An extraordinarily Caucasian former baller for our alma mater, Notre Dame, followed by a brief stint as a European professional basketball star, Mr. Knight now hosts his very own podcast, The Cause, in which he primarily discusses sports, current events, and occasionally Pokemon. TK recently contacted me with a proposal to join him as a guest cohost on said podcast, and after somewhat reconciling with the idea of hearing my own voice on recording at length, I begrudgingly agreed.

So, what can you expect from this production? A little bit of sass. A little of bit Art Briles. And a lot a bit of Nihar. Nihar is what you can expect from this production. I highly doubt any readers don’t know of the legend to whom I refer, but on the off chance you’ve drawn a blank, I’ll refresh your memory. Nihar Janga is the recent winner (co-champion) of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which aired on ESPN Thursday, May 26. This eleven-year-old phenom stole the hearts of millions across the country—and for good reason. But I’ll let you listen for yourselves.

Sit back and relax, folks. It’s time to podcast.


Here’s a picture of Tom and me. He’s the white guy in the back. Anyway.

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