Guys, I'm Serious.

People Need Other People

So, May was Mental Health Awareness Month. And, boy, was I aware. It’s June now (thanks for the update, Morg), and I’m finally ready to let it out. We all know I wrestle with depression, I’ve shared stories and reflections of my struggles with this little bitch, but it’s always been after the fact. After… Continue reading People Need Other People

Guys, I'm Serious.

A Letter to the Class of 2017

It’s that time of year, kids. Caps, gowns. Parents frolicking about campus. In your apartments. Where you convince them that glass contraption shaped awfully similar to a bong is just abstract art. It’s a magical time. The end of an era. It’s a celebration of academia. A celebration marking the papers you’ve written at 3am,… Continue reading A Letter to the Class of 2017

Guys, I'm Serious.

An Atheist on the Power of God

I’m an atheist. Sort of. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in God in the “traditional” sense. I’m sure there’s a higher being/power/what have you somewhere out there. I think it’s rather narcissistic to genuinely believe that humans are the end-all be-all. That we’re it, we’re the best there is. I mean, have… Continue reading An Atheist on the Power of God

Guys, I'm Serious.

I’m 25 Now, Maybe I’ll Stay A While

I leave early. It’s just something I do. When it comes to large social events, rendezvous, and overall gatherings, I am most always late to arrive and quite often the first to leave. It’s not a grand exit or anything; in fact, it most closely resembles a sort of Irish Goodbye, if you will. I… Continue reading I’m 25 Now, Maybe I’ll Stay A While

Guys, I'm Serious.

The Beauty of Not Being in Love

Let’s just dive right into it. The Holiday Season was a glorified dodgeball tournament. Target: Me. Object of Choice: Questions. The inquiry, of course? “So, do you have a boyfriend?” “Is there a ‘someone special’ we should know about?” Go back to the pumpkin pie, kids, Mama’s got this one. No, I don’t have a… Continue reading The Beauty of Not Being in Love

Athleticism · Guys, I'm Serious.

Masculinity, The Bachelor, and a Few Golics

Okay, boys. We need to talk. The four scariest words a woman can possibly utter in your direction. But it’s time. It’s time for a chat. We’re living in a weirdass time right now. Politically, socially—shit is upside down. Our pussy-grabbing president is being accused of having a sleepover with Russia. Women have been marching… Continue reading Masculinity, The Bachelor, and a Few Golics

Guys, I'm Serious.

Thank you, Mr. Trump

In middle school, we had this absolutely brilliant history and religion teacher. I mean, she was the bee’s fricken knees. You’d sit in her class and actually, like, listen. You’d actually care about the subject matter. Wild, right? I can vividly remember sitting in her history class learning about slavery and the roots of racism… Continue reading Thank you, Mr. Trump