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Masculinity, The Bachelor, and a Few Golics

Okay, boys. We need to talk. The four scariest words a woman can possibly utter in your direction. But it’s time. It’s time for a chat. We’re living in a weirdass time right now. Politically, socially—shit is upside down. Our pussy-grabbing president is being accused of having a sleepover with Russia. Women have been marching… Continue reading Masculinity, The Bachelor, and a Few Golics

Guys, I'm Serious.

Thank you, Mr. Trump

In middle school, we had this absolutely brilliant history and religion teacher. I mean, she was the bee’s fricken knees. You’d sit in her class and actually, like, listen. You’d actually care about the subject matter. Wild, right? I can vividly remember sitting in her history class learning about slavery and the roots of racism… Continue reading Thank you, Mr. Trump

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Eight Things I Learned In 2016

Leggings Are Pants Now, 2016 wasn’t necessarily the first year I made this discovery. Leggings have long been a staple on the Morgan Smith lower half. This was the year, though, that solidified my utmost commitment and allegiance to the undeniable fact that leggings are, in fact, pants. I can count on one hand the… Continue reading Eight Things I Learned In 2016

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The Making of a Broken Woman

Notre Dame’s football season is over. Sweet Jesus, Glory be! The clouds have parted, the sun is shining, and the storm has passed. Oh, happy day! Today, I shan’t lament the goings on of what can truly only be described as the most agonizing three months of my markedly-shortened life. No, today, I’d like to… Continue reading The Making of a Broken Woman

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Life in the Hood Vs. Life in the ‘Gram

Back in the day, me and the homeboys (neighbor children from our cul-de-sac) would regularly mount our hogs (10-speed bikes) and head out on the open road. Most days were your average 9-5. A ride through the hood, rinse and repeat. But once in a while, business—well, business got a little complicated. Some days it… Continue reading Life in the Hood Vs. Life in the ‘Gram

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It’s Okay To Be Afraid

Oh, but we didn’t really think I’d stay quiet about this one, did we? It may have taken me a couple days to ruminate over and mourn the events of November 8th, but fear not, the grieving gloves are off, and I’m ready to rumble. Donald Trump has been elected president of the United States.… Continue reading It’s Okay To Be Afraid

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More Shit To Be Grateful For

Bye Weeks Oh, Sweet Jesus, bye weeks. In many a football season, we dread the bye week, the loss of momentum. Saturday is the best day of the week for a reason—it’s gameday. But when you’re a 2-5 team under a coach whose face induces prolonged bouts of ire and vomit, gameday takes on a… Continue reading More Shit To Be Grateful For