Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Who Let the Dogs Out?

It’s a special day, folks. Today, we not only give you an egregiously average workout, but we do it with some flare. Everyone, meet our special guest star, Miss Pamela Beasley. This four-legged femme fatale will help you reach for the stars! You’ll probably miss, but, hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Cookie Dough Curls Edition

Well, welcome back to Workout Wednesday, folks. We’ve got a workout that’ll take those pesky arms from flab to fab-is-a-pretty-strong-word-but-they’re-okay-looking-I-guess! It’s the real American dream over here, so, sit that caboose right on down and join the party!

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Los Angeles and the Juice Cleanse Hell

Picture it. One week ago. I had been in Los Angeles for a little over five months, and I could already feel the metamorphosis. I have a gym membership. I bitch about traffic on the 405. I preface highways with “the”. I hike, for Christ’s sake. But there was one Los Angeles obstacle I had… Continue reading Los Angeles and the Juice Cleanse Hell

Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday: Pizza Stairs Edition

It’s Wednesday, folks, and what a day it is! The middle of the week. Hump Day, for all you knuckleheads out there. And now, I bring you Workout Wednesday. Every week on this storied day, I’ll be bringing you the latest and greatest in the fitness and health department. Looking for a diet that’ll give… Continue reading Workout Wednesday: Pizza Stairs Edition

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Sunday Sentiments: Finding Your Why

Los Angeles knows fitness. Let me tell you something, people; Los Angeles knows fitness. With a YogaBarrelates/CorePowerConjunctionFunction on every corner, you have absolutely no excuse not to be in shape. There are classes and studios tailored to any and every want or desire. It’s a real Debbie Downer. So, that’s that. If you’re going to… Continue reading Sunday Sentiments: Finding Your Why