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No-Post November and a Whelming December

Well, son of a gun, she’s back. Hello, my dear, sweet angels. Please accept my sincerest apologies for the most recent hiatus. I can hardly imagine the anguish you’ve all experienced in my absence. Why? Why would she abandon us? You deserve answers, people, and you’re about to get some. Let’s do this. So, rewind… Continue reading No-Post November and a Whelming December

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The Real First Round: Second Edition

Oh, say can you see? By an Autumn Sunday’s sweet light? That’s right, my sweet petunias. Football season is poking her beautiful head back around that athletic corner. While we may be a devastating four months away from the real deal, in a mere few hours, sweet salvation shall come. Yes, that’s right, cupcakes: it’s… Continue reading The Real First Round: Second Edition

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The Making of a Broken Woman

Notre Dame’s football season is over. Sweet Jesus, Glory be! The clouds have parted, the sun is shining, and the storm has passed. Oh, happy day! Today, I shan’t lament the goings on of what can truly only be described as the most agonizing three months of my markedly-shortened life. No, today, I’d like to… Continue reading The Making of a Broken Woman

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More Shit To Be Grateful For

Bye Weeks Oh, Sweet Jesus, bye weeks. In many a football season, we dread the bye week, the loss of momentum. Saturday is the best day of the week for a reason—it’s gameday. But when you’re a 2-5 team under a coach whose face induces prolonged bouts of ire and vomit, gameday takes on a… Continue reading More Shit To Be Grateful For

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Live, Laugh, Love–Yes, I Just Typed That

Alright, guys, I’m back. Let’s do this. So, I went back home to Grand Rapids a few weeks back to visit my family and the like, and I’ve been a tad off ever since. Not as off as, say, a 2-4 Notre Dame football team (it’s fine, I’m fine, shoot me, I’m begging you), but… Continue reading Live, Laugh, Love–Yes, I Just Typed That


The Real First Round

Listen up, people. It’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. And the 2016 NFL Draft is upon us. My cup runneth over. If you’re into football, you’re probably going to Mel Kiper, Jr. or Todd McShay for your draft insights. I understand. But for those slightly less invested… Continue reading The Real First Round