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An Atheist on the Power of God

I’m an atheist. Sort of. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in God in the “traditional” sense. I’m sure there’s a higher being/power/what have you somewhere out there. I think it’s rather narcissistic to genuinely believe that humans are the end-all be-all. That we’re it, we’re the best there is. I mean, have… Continue reading An Atheist on the Power of God

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Sunday Sentiments: Finding Your Why

Los Angeles knows fitness. Let me tell you something, people; Los Angeles knows fitness. With a YogaBarrelates/CorePowerConjunctionFunction on every corner, you have absolutely no excuse not to be in shape. There are classes and studios tailored to any and every want or desire. It’s a real Debbie Downer. So, that’s that. If you’re going to… Continue reading Sunday Sentiments: Finding Your Why